Wednesday, November 14, 2018

SDE 2018-11-13 released

We've released the 20181113 SDE at  You can access the SDE directly through that link, or go to the SDE section at

If you're using the "latest" alias ( then you'll automatically be using the new SDE.

Wednesday, November 7, 2018

ESI Issues Preventing Updates

UPDATE: As of 1218 UTC, ESI service has been restored.  EveKit updates should now start occurring as usual.

As of 0400 UTC on 2018-11-07, the EVE Swagger Interface (ESI) has been having serious problems preventing most third party applications from updating.  EveKit has not been able to synchronize any account data since that time.

Data already stored on EveKit is not affected and you'll be able to retrieve your data as usual.  However, since EveKit has not been able to synchronize any data since 0400 UTC, you'll be seeing an out of date view.  Also, since parts of the EveKit web site require the ESI, you may see random failures while viewing your account on our site.

We will update this post again when service has been restored.