Friday, June 15, 2018

ESI Updates Tonight (0100 UTC 2018-06-16)

As posted on the forums, we'll be performing an update to ESI 2018-06-11 (as released here).  This is a minor update as follows:
  • Character Notifications and Character Assets have new enumeration values.  Until this update is performed, these values will be ignored by EveKit.
  • Character, Corporation and Alliance Contacts now support a list of label IDs instead of a single label.
The change to Contacts will result in a minor change to the Contact model.  After the update, the Contact model will store labels as an array of label IDs instead of a single value.  For historic data, the single label ID attached to the Contact will now be stored in an array of length one.

Friday, June 1, 2018

SDE 2018-05-29 released

We've released the 20180529 SDE at  You can access the SDE directly through that link, or go to the SDE section at

If you're using the "latest" alias ( then you'll automatically be using the new SDE.