Saturday, December 3, 2016

Maintenance Complete - 2016-12-03

We've completed the upgrade of EveKit with the following changes and bug fixes:

  • New Feature: we've started synchronized the "reference" data provided by the XML API servers.  These are the "server status", "API calls", "EVE" and "Map" endpoints.  As with all other synchronized data, we'll be tracking historical changes to reference data.  You can browse reference data from the main page under the API dropdown.  Use the provided Swagger URI to create a swagger client for accessing reference data.
  • Improvement: for character mail messages, we've renamed the "corpOrAllianceID" to "toCorpOrAllianceID" to align better with the XML API.
  • Bug Fix: we've added the "ownerTypeID" field to upcoming calendar events.  This field was previously missing.
  • Bug Fix: we've added the "owner1TypeID" and "owner2TypeID" fields to the wallet journal.  These fields were previously missing.
  • Improvement: we've upgraded the backing database to UTF multi-byte in order to properly capture UTF characters.  This means emojis will now be captured properly in the backing database.
  • Bug Fix: all fields representing time stamps will be uniformly set to -1 (an illegal UNIX time) when the corresponding field is unset in the XML API.  For example, an unfinished industry job will have a completion time of -1 until the job completes.


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