Thursday, December 8, 2016

Human readable date fields added for convenience

We performed a small maintenance release this morning to add "date" fields to model elements to make it easier for humans to read raw data.  Every field which records a timestamp (e.g. lifeStart, sentDate, etc.) is now replicated in a separate field with the suffix "Date" attached.  This new field records the timestamp as a date if it is valid, and null otherwise.  For example, suppose a model object has the field:

lifeStart: 1457616630360
Then a new field will be added to this object with value:
lifeStartDate: "2016-03-10T01:30:30.360Z"
The representation of this field depends on the client you are using.  Javascript will report this field as a String, for example, which can be parsed into a javascript Date if desired.

We've made this change to every model object with a timestamp field, including reference data.


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