Friday, December 23, 2016

SDE 2016-12-13 released

We apologize for the delay in getting the latest SDE out (holidays, etc).

We've released the 20161213 SDE at  You can access the SDE directly through that link, or go to the SDE section at

If you're using the "latest" alias ( then you'll automatically be using the new SDE.

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Human readable date fields added for convenience

We performed a small maintenance release this morning to add "date" fields to model elements to make it easier for humans to read raw data.  Every field which records a timestamp (e.g. lifeStart, sentDate, etc.) is now replicated in a separate field with the suffix "Date" attached.  This new field records the timestamp as a date if it is valid, and null otherwise.  For example, suppose a model object has the field:
lifeStart: 1457616630360
Then a new field will be added to this object with value:
lifeStartDate: "2016-03-10T01:30:30.360Z"
The representation of this field depends on the client you are using.  Javascript will report this field as a String, for example, which can be parsed into a javascript Date if desired.

We've made this change to every model object with a timestamp field, including reference data.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Maintenance Complete - 2016-12-03

We've completed the upgrade of EveKit with the following changes and bug fixes:

  • New Feature: we've started synchronized the "reference" data provided by the XML API servers.  These are the "server status", "API calls", "EVE" and "Map" endpoints.  As with all other synchronized data, we'll be tracking historical changes to reference data.  You can browse reference data from the main page under the API dropdown.  Use the provided Swagger URI to create a swagger client for accessing reference data.
  • Improvement: for character mail messages, we've renamed the "corpOrAllianceID" to "toCorpOrAllianceID" to align better with the XML API.
  • Bug Fix: we've added the "ownerTypeID" field to upcoming calendar events.  This field was previously missing.
  • Bug Fix: we've added the "owner1TypeID" and "owner2TypeID" fields to the wallet journal.  These fields were previously missing.
  • Improvement: we've upgraded the backing database to UTF multi-byte in order to properly capture UTF characters.  This means emojis will now be captured properly in the backing database.
  • Bug Fix: all fields representing time stamps will be uniformly set to -1 (an illegal UNIX time) when the corresponding field is unset in the XML API.  For example, an unfinished industry job will have a completion time of -1 until the job completes.

Maintenance starting - 2016-12-03

Maintenance has started.  Synchronized accounts will cease to update for the duration of the maintenance.  We expect to complete the maintenance at 04:00 UTC.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Downtime for Site Update on 2016-12-03

We'll be pausing account synchronization on 2016-12-03 for one hour starting at 03:00 UTC and ending no later than 04:00 UTC.  During this time, we will be releasing version 3.0 of EveKit which includes several bug fixes as well as a new data set consisting of XML API reference data (server status, API calls, EVE reference data, and map reference data).  We synchronize reference data in the same way we synchronize account data, meaning you'll be able to access historical versions of reference data if needed.  Reference data will not require an access key.  We will post more information about reference data at update time.

We will post to the site when we start updates.  During this time, accounts will not synchronize but will be accessible through the usual APIs.  You may observe minor data discrepancies as we update the database.  Account synchronization will resume at the end of the update period, which we will also post to the site.