Monday, October 3, 2016

EveKit 2.1.0 release

We've just released version 2.1.0 of EveKit.  This release fixes a number of type errors in sync'd data, including missing fields for some object types.  The second big change in this release is support for the "locations" XML endpoint.  If your registered EVE XML API key allows access to assets and locations, then EveKit will request the location of each of your assets.  These locations are stored with complete history as with any other EveKit object.

A new "locations" endpoint has been added to the EveKit API to provide access to the new data.  You'll need enable access to locations in your EveKit API access keys to access the new data.

The following type errors and missing fields were corrected:

  • AccountStatus.logonCount from int to long
  • AccountStatus.logonMinutes from int to long
  • APICall.groupID from int to long
  • CalendarEventAttendee.eventID from int to long
  • CharacterSheet.freeSkillPoints from int to long
  • SkillInfo.freeSkillPoints from int to long
  • UpcomingCalendarEvent.eventID from int to long
  • ContainerLog.itemTypeID from long to int
  • ContainerLog.locationID from int to long
  • ContainerLog.quantity from int to long
  • ContainerLog.typeID from long to int
  • MemberTracking.baseID from int to long
  • MemberTracking.locationID from int to long
  • Outpost.solarSystemID from long to int
  • Starbase.locationID from int to long
  • Asset.quantity from int to long
  • Asset.rawQuantity from int to long
  • Contract.startStationID from int to long
  • Contract.endStationID from int to long
  • Contract.volume from long to double
  • ContractItem.rawQuantity from int to long
  • IndustryJob.activityID from long to int
  • IndustryJob.blueprintTypeID from long to int
  • IndustryJob.productTypeID from long to int
  • IndustryJob.timeInSeconds from long to int
  • IndustryJob.solarSystemID from long to int
  • WalletTransaction.typeID from long to int
  • WalletTransacton.clientTypeID missing (int)
  • WalletTransaction.characterID missing (long)
  • WalletTransaction.characterName missing (String)


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