Thursday, August 11, 2016

New SDE released and in new format

We've released the 20160809 SDE at  You can access the SDE directly through that link, or go to the SDE section at

For this release (and the 20160704 release as well), we've switched to using Fuzzy Steve's SDE dumps.  We've had to do this because Desmont McCallock decided to retire from EVE which means his conversion tool is now no longer maintained (and is now broken with the re-work of traits in types.yaml).  That tool is written in C# which unfortunately we can't support, so we've switched to Steve's dumps.  We had originally used Desmont's converter because it was open source and therefore we had more control over resolving issues as the SDE changes.  Fortunately, Steve has now open sourced his converter as well.  That gives us the control we need and moreover Steve's tool is written in Python which we'll be able to support should Steve stop providing his dumps.


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