Thursday, June 9, 2016

EveKit Updated for New XML API Endpoints

The Citadel release (April, 2016) of EVE Online added two new API endpoints as documented here.  These two new endpoints, Clones and Skills, provide access to a subset of the normal character sheet for a character.  You can therefore restrict an EVE XML API key to only provide access to these new endpoints.  If your key already provides access to the full character sheet, then there is no point authorizing these new endpoints as they add no new information.

We've added support for these new endpoints in EveKit for those of you who want to provide more restricted keys.  Since the data provided is a subset of the normal character sheet, we decided to just partially populate the current character sheet structure instead of introducing completely new EveKit model objects.

Here's how the synchronization works:

  1. We first check whether your API key allows character sheet synchronization.  If it does, then we sync the character sheet as usual and we're done.
  2. If character sheet synchronization isn't allowed, then we attempt to sync both Clones and Skills - whatever your API key happens to allow.  If your key allows neither of those endpoints, then we're done.
  3. If your key allows Clones, then your character sheet will be updated only on the fields provided by this endpoint (all of your clone information is updated, along with some attributes like race, bloodline, etc).
  4. If your key allows Skills, then the "free skill points" field of your character sheet is updated, as is your skill list (which we store in EveKit as separate model objects).
We haven't added any new EveKit access key settings for these new endpoints.  If your EveKit access key allows character sheet access, then you'll be able to see all the information updated by the Clones and Skills endpoints.


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