Tuesday, March 1, 2016

EveKit Coming Back Soon

I shut down EveKit several months ago.  A non-trivial amount of data was being stored by EveKit (about 150 EVE accounts were storing data), but no one was really using the data.  I was using my own data, but setting up an entire site for this was overkill.  Also, it wasn't free.  There was enough data and resources being used on Google's cloud that this was starting to cost real money.

Since then, I've started a few new projects and realized I still need the main feature EveKit provided: an online store of my EVE character and corporation data, preferably with indefinite history.  For example, I recently wrote about a short fun project where I added some simple EVE-related features to an Amazon Alexa.  An obvious next step is to teach Alexa to tell me about my industry jobs; tell me how my market orders are doing; read me my mail, etc.  EveKit had all this data, and now I'm missing it.

So I've decided to bring EveKit back in a simpler and easier to maintain form.  The key features will still be there, namely:
  • A service to automatically download and store API data for characters and corporation;
  • Full history for all data: you can view your data as it appeared at a particular point in time;
  • Various APIs for accessing your data; and,
  • A batch download option to get all your data in one dump.
The original EveKit also exposed the SDE as a service.  I'll be doing that as well, but as a separate service not directly associated with EveKit.  There's a market out there for the SDE independent of EveKit.  Might as well try to fill that need too.

Lastly, all the code will be open source.  I've already started releasing some of the key pieces on the Orbital GitHub page.  Look for the projects starting with "evekit".

I'll be posting further updates as the release gets closer.