Thursday, December 10, 2015

EVE XML API: Yet Another EVE XML Server Library (in Java)

The world probably doesn't need another library for accessing the EVE XML server endpoints, but I promised to open source the code for EveKit and this is the first bit I've had time to clean up and release.  If you don't know what EveKit is, keep watching this blog especially in the Spring of 2016 as I plan to relaunch an updated (and hopefully improved) EveKit.


  • This library is open source and available on GitHub.  The README provides a simple quick start for the impatient.
  • The library builds with Maven and has been published to Maven Central.  If you're using Maven, then it's easiest to just add the following dependency:
  • The javadocs are not great, but the API is also very straightforward and follows the EVE XML endpoint format pretty closely.  Eventually, I'll get around to filling out proper javadoc. 
Please feel free to comment here or raise issues on the GitHub project to report bugs, request features, etc.


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