Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Welcome - Here's what this blog is about...

So...what is this?

This blog is about third party development for EVE Online, a sandbox space game set in the very far future.  EVE Online is unusual among MMOs in that a rich API is available for collecting in game data.  Over time CCP, the company behind EVE Online, is adding APIs to manipulate data outside of the game as well.  Many other MMOs have since started adding similar capabilities, but EVE Online was one of the first, and has the most capability (as far as I know).

On this blog, I plan to do two things:
  1. Provide regular reviews of third party tools.  There are many.  I'll need help to cover them all, and I'll be asking for help over time.
  2. Provide guidance for developers or others interested in getting into third party development on EVE Online.  There is an active development community, but not a great collection of how to's or other instruction.  Documentation is getting better, but also somewhat incomplete.  I'll try to plug some of those holes in this blog.
I plan to add a fair amount of content through video reviews and tutorials, supplemented with examples and occasional write-ups of material which makes better sense in written form.

And you are?

I'm a professional software developer and a terrible EVE player.  These days, I mostly play EVE solo.  I keep a few accounts around and I have a small one-person EVE corporation which allows me to experiment with more parts of the EVE API.  I'm also the creator of EveKit which recently shutdown due to lack of interest (maybe I'll re-launch, I've been missing it lately).

I've posted a few videos before of a tutorial nature.  I also gave a talk about third party development at FanFest 2015 in Iceland.  Finally, I'm a contributor to the EVE Online API documentation site.  Suffice it to say, I try to stay active in the Eve third party development community.

What can we expect next?

One of my first content posts will be a basic orientation to third party development for EVE Online.  I'll be including lots of links to important resources, and I'll call out some of the more popular third party libraries.  Don't be offended if I miss your favorite library.  All of these will go into my matrix of third party tools and apps, and there will be a way to suggest other tools or apps I should cover.


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